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Product code: CMPRO


Features • Seamless integration of VRF HVAC systems with all Home Automation / BMS controllers • Supports any VRF HVAC equipment • Interfaces o RS232 (ASCII), o RS485 (MODBUS RTU, BACnet MSTP), o Ethernet (ASCII & MODBUS IP, BACnet IP) • VRF System Diagnostics data for local integration over BACnet, Modbus, Rest-API • Control and monitor indoor units from the touch screen • Multi brand support on a single device • Digital I/O (for all on/all off triggering) • Configurable I/O’s (Future option) • Cloud App — remote access by Smartphone, Tablet and PC through internet ( ) • Full control & monitoring of HVAC indoor unit's operation • HVAC systems diagnostics – available on Cloud Application for monitoring • Cloud integration by API (optional)